Web Development

wordpress, an open source content management softwareWordPress- What is It?

It’s just the ultimate web design and development software application available today. Why?

WordPress is under the hood of over 20% of the world’s websites. It is a proven open- source software, meaning it’s free to deploy, and won’t go away any time soon.  There are a thousands of developers world- wide, working on WordPress plugins or themes, adding functionality and design diversity.

A WordPress theme is a pre- designed and developed template that provides a framework for the layout of your future website. There are many, many free themes, and some of them are OK, like the theme running this website, Revera. BWD tends to use premium themes, because the code tends to be some sound, and they often come equipped with many features.

WordPress comes with a CMS (Content Management System) built in. This CMS is the best in the industry in terms of user- friendliness and a relatively small learning curve for clients, meaning you will be able to easily make changes to the content of your website after it is deployed.

Custom WordPress Website Design

At Boulder Web Design, we create 100%custom designs and serve them on the web using the WordPress software platform, which means you have all the features described above in addition to  your custom design. This process starts with a mockup, or in some cases 2-3 mockups, images we create in Adobe Photoshop, that allow you to see what your website is going to look like.

Custom Website Functionality with WordPress Plugins

Whatever you can imagine, we can make happen on the web.  Sound exciting?

WordPress allows for unlimited extendability through  WordPress plugins– independent software applications you can immediately integrate and then use to enhance the functionality of your website. Here are some common examples:

  • email gathering forms tied to a newsletter management system
  • flash type sliders with marketing calls to action
  • event planning calendars and signups
  • online scheduling
  • ecommerce
  • social media feeds/ integration

If it doesn’t exist, we will be happy to provide a quote for it’s creation.